Owen Bennett Jones
Owen Bennett Jones

Owen Bennett-Jones is a multi-award winning journalist, author and academic.  He is one of the most experienced presenters in British broadcasting, having interviewed dozens of household-names including Tony Blair, Kofi Annan and many prime ministers and presidents around the world . He brings his enormous knowledge and skills as an interviewer to bear in helping clients get the most from their interview experiences, from delivering messages to dealing with tough interview situations.

Owen, holds a doctorate in Politics and has held professorships in journalism at three different universities – Princeton, the University of Southern Californian and most recently Zayed University in Abu Dhabi where he wrote a book for Yale University Press.

His journalism career includes appointments as a foreign correspondent for the Financial Times and the BBC.   He has been a regular presenter on BBC news programmes and continues to make documentaries for them.  

Owen has had academic papers published by Yale, Chatham House and the respected journal Intelligence and National Security.

He has won numerous journalism awards, including the coveted Sony award.  His true-crime podcast The Assassination won in its category at the 2018 British Podcast awards and reached no 1 on the i-tunes podcast charts. The same programme won the Foreign Press Association’s Radio Story of the Year.  In addition to commissioning podcasts for various platforms, he has also been commissioned by Amazon/ Audible to produce his own podcast. 

A graduate of the London School of Economics, Owen also holds a masters’ degree from Oxford University and a doctorate from Hull University.